Professionals, well-known foreign and national specialists, experts and successful managers.

Trainers have experience in teaching, researches and consulting. These features create a unique environment during the training to assure the professional and personal growth of participants


Rainer Shenk


tax expert - Kanzlei Dr Schenk (Germany), crowdfunding expert


Thomas Remet

Design Thinking expert

Hochschule Reutlingen, Reutlingen University (Germany)


Ana Pedraz

Marketing trainer

Lecturer in Marketing at Kingston University (London), Deputy Chairman of the Royal Aviation Society at Heathrow Airport. Dr Ann Pedraz is an experienced professional of telecommunications, innovation and development of social responsibility in business.


Ivan Zupic

Kingston University (London, Great Britain) PhD

The best lecturer of Kingston University, London (2019). Management Expert at Kingston Business School Internal Affairs and Strategic. Dr Ivan Zupic is a specializes in innovation and strategic planning


Victoria Shatan

Communications expert

Head of HR department at SKF Ukraine. Specialist in strategic and crisis communications, conflict management.


Lyubomyr Matsekh


Expert in social entrepreneurship, leadership, networking and social innovation. Senior Scientific Associate with more than 20 years of experience. One of the key lecturers of the top business school - ESB Business School, University of Reutlingen (Germany). Manages corporate training for such global brands as Daimler AG, Bosch Global, Panasonic Deutschland, Infineon Technologies AG, and numbers of companies in the IT industry.


Farkhod Niyazov

Master of International Business Administration

Head of Internal Communications department (Carlsberg Group). Master of International Business Administration, International Marketing. (Denmark)


Orest Zub

Online entrepreneur

traveler, blogger, writer, expert in self-development and online marketing


Colin Bennett

industry consultant, Flames a Mile High

The past 25 years as a teacher, trainer, and coach I’ve come to see that presentations are really about one thing: how to engage your audience – to get and keep their attention, to generate belief, to inspire action. I’ve worked with people in all sorts of fields from advertising to academia, e-commerce to engineering, finance to pharmaceuticals. My clients have engaged their audiences to win investment and funding, win awards, and give speeches at the G8 Summit. I’d be happy to help you engage your audience too.


Mykhailo Kolisnyk

President at CFO Club Ukraine

Professor at Kyiv School of Economics (KSE); visiting Professor in Financial Management at IPM Business School (Minsk, BY); managing Partner at FINART Smart Solutions (FASS)